Visual Arts meets three times a year in Adelaide.

Visual Arts goals are to:
  • identify the existing specific needs for visual art in congregations and identify the talents of people which could be used to fill those needs
  • encourage congregations to consider the wider use of visual arts in worship and to identify local talents, or if these are not available, provide assistance in referring suitable people
  • assist in the formation of special-interest groups of artists and craftspeople where such groups are viable and meet a specific need
  • organise forums for discussion of topics related to art and worship
  • communicate and demonstrate new possibilities for the use of art in worship.

Committee members

Rev Robert J Wiebusch

Visual Arts Committee chairman

Ronda Harms

Queensland District representative, visual arts educator, experienced in the design and construction of liturgical banners and floristry. Commissioned works include a set of stoles for the bishop of the LCA Queensland District.

Rae Kempe

Practising visual artist and visual arts educator. Experienced in the design and construction of seasonal paraments and special art projects at St Stephen’s Lutheran Church Adelaide SA, including leadlight windows for Mudbrick Church, Sunbury, Victoria.

Faye Lienert

Textile artist experienced in the design and construction of stoles, liturgical paraments and banners. Commissioned works include paraments for St John’s Lutheran Church Dernancourt SA, Mawson Lakes Community Church SA and St Paul Lutheran Church Blair Athol SA, as well as many sets of stoles.

Sandra Obst

Textile artist with a particular interest in the visual and sensory aspects of life and faith, and how these aspects enrich the exploration of the gospel’s meaning in worship

Jan Kaesler

Has a deep interest in visual art within the context of the Christian worship space. She supports the use of symbolism and imagery, both traditional and contemporary, along with seasonal installations to enhance Christian worship.

She also expresses this through her work in textiles, using techniques of digitized and free machine embroidery and appliqué art in the design and construction of paraments, wall hangings, banners and clerical stoles.

Chris Thiel

Practising visual artist; currently part of a sub-committee producing a series of short clips to inspire and assist congregations in the creation of artworks for worship

Sally Mattner

Visual artist and visual arts educator.

Helen Sherriff

Is a practising visual artist with experience in many different media and a keen interest in promoting visuals and art work as integral elements in worship.