A worship space defines the special place where God meets his people. This could be as elaborate as a fully decorated church building, or as simple as a temporary, flexible area – e.g. a circle of stones or chairs around a central cross.

Building design can integrate space, light and colours, shape and line, material and texture, and has traditionally included the elements below which assist the proclaiming and hearing of the gospel.

  • A cross to remind people of Jesus’ saving work
  • A font and visual elements linking us to our baptism
  • A space to emphasise the centrality of Holy Communion, an altar area where the communion elements can be seen and accessed.
  • Comfort and atmosphere to encourage and inspire prayer and praise.
  • Space and provision for music and choirs
  • Provision of media technology to visually access words for the readings, liturgy and for visual enhancement of the worship.
  • A welcoming external appearance, identifying the church in the community

Each congregation is a community of believers in a particular time and place.  Church architecture and visual features will speak differently to different groups and cultures. The important element in design is that they help teach, encourage and inspire people in their walk with God.