Paraments are the textile altar cloths, banners and dressings for the lectern and pulpit which beautify the worship space and connect people to the seasons of the church year through colour and symbols.

Each season is associated with specific colours:

  • White, the colour of perfection, purity and holiness, is used for Christmas, Easter, Transfiguration, Epiphany and Maundy Thursday.
  • Gold, the colour of victory, glory, and majesty, may be used instead of white during the Easter season.
  • Violet, the colour of royalty, also symbolises penitence and may be used during both Advent and Lent. Both periods have a penitential aspect while looking forward to festivals of our king. If the same paraments are used for both seasons, care should be taken that the symbols used are appropriate for both.
  • Green, the colour of life and growth is used for those times of the year which focus on growth in faith and discipleship such as the Sundays after Pentecost.
  • Red, the colour of blood and fire is used on days which mark great events in the work and ministry of the Christian Church such as Pentecost, many saints’ days, and Reformation Sunday.
  • Black is the colour of mourning. It is only used on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.
  • Blue is the colour of anticipation and hope. It may be used instead of violet in Advent but it is not used in Lent.

If you are seeking assistance with designing or sourcing paraments for your congregation, contact us.