Vestments are the garments worn primarily by pastors, but can also be worn by others who have specific roles in worship (e.g. Choir members, lectors, acolytes).

By their symbolism, they indicate the nature and function of the celebrant, de-emphasising their individuality and highlighting their office and role.

An alb is a long loose-fitting garment, reaching to the ankles, either loose or girded at the waist, with long sleeves. The colour of the alb is white. (Latin “alba” = “white”)

A stole  is a narrow cloth, draped around the neck over the alb, reaching to slightly below the knees. The stole’s colours and symbols change according to the season or Sunday of the year. [See Paraments for seasonal colours]

A chasuble is a sleeveless outer vestment, slipped over the alb, hanging down from the shoulders which may be worn for the Lord’s Supper, particularly at festivals.

A cassock is a full length black or dark garment with similar coverage to an alb, often worn under a surplice. (French “casaque” = ‘long coat’)

A surplice is a shorter version of the alb which is a loose white garment worn over a full length cassock.

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