What is a clerical stole?

A clerical stole is a coloured scarf-looking vestment that a pastor often wears during a worship service, generally worn over an alb (a white robe). The stole is a symbol of the ordained office of ministry – a kind of “badge of office”.

What do the different colours mean?

Stoles are available in up to six different colours, each representing a specific season of the Church Year. The colours are red, green, white, black, purple, and sometimes blue.

Red: Pentecost, Reformation, Confirmation, Ordination/Installation

Green: Ordinary Time

White: Easter, Christmas Day, Ascension

Black: Good Friday, funeral

Purple: Lent (Advent)

Blue: Advent

I need new vestments made or could use some advice.

There are some very capable and experienced makers of church vestments in the LCANZ. Here are just a few. If you have some skill in this area and would like to be added to this list, let us know.

John Smith
Example Lutheran Church

The above people do not necessarily reflect the views of the LCANZ. Some designers or artists may require a consultation fee.